Equal opportunities

Providing equal opportunities to volunteers,
staff and learners, to reach their full potential.

Equal opportunities

It is the policy of the Filmworks Trust that volunteers, staff and learners shall receive equality of opportunity irrespective of sex, age, marital status, disability, sexuality, race, colour, creed, religion, ethnic, or national origin.

The Trust is committed to providing equal opportunities to volunteers, staff and learners to progress to the level of their potential. The Trust's policies and practices will be periodically reviewed to ensure that this Equal Opportunities Policy is being implemented.

The Trust will not tolerate acts which breach this policy and all instances of such behaviour or alleged behaviour will be taken seriously, be fully investigated and may be subject to the Trust's disciplinary procedures.

Objectives of the Policy

›  To provide and promote equal opportunities for all volunteers, staff and students

›   To promote wider participation of communities from many different backgrounds, particularly from under-represented groups such as ethnic minorities and people with disabilities

›   To ensure the talents of all members of society are valued

›   To ensure that the law is not infringed in relation to the: Sex Discrimination Act 1975; the Race relations Act 1976; the Disability Act 2000

›   To attract and retain volunteers and learners to the Media and Cultural Industries who have diverse experience and qualities to offer

›   To improve the practice of the Trust's management committee and to adopt a management style, which values and empowers individuals, listens, consults, supports and help facilitate good practice in equal opportunity

›   The Trust will not tolerate any form of behaviour that constitutes harassment or victimisation, on the grounds of sex, race, disability, or other such grounds as unlawful and will be subject to the grievance and disciplinary procedures of the Trust

›   It is the responsibility of every member of the Trust's volunteers, staff and learners alike to ensure that the Equal Opportunity Policy is maintained and implemented.

Talents valued

Ensuring the talents of all members of society are valued.