Whether you are looking for inspiration on your writing
projects or someone to bounce existing ideas from, the
FilmWorks overall aim is to work alongside its learners
to produce commercially viable short-length narrative
drama for national and global television / cinema /
internet exhibition.

Read what a few of our students are gaining from working with us in their
testimonials along with samples of their work.

  • “If you're interested in writing it is exciting stuff. At the same time it is a lot to get your head round. So aided with the help of the scriptwriting group, I have been able to write my virginal script so that's a first. Often I have been surprised by myself. It is rewarding to see work printed out on the next week.”
    Helen Godfrey
    The Red Shoes
  • “A course for all levels; from foundation level to the more experienced scriptwriter. It was enjoyable interacting with other writers. Continual inspiration and constructive criticism made this course very productive.”
    Mokbal Monshur Alam
  • “Charlie Sen, the course tutor, can be labeled the "master of the narrative." Seeking to teach how a story can be built, from its inception to completion, each week he uses different examples, frequently from films, to show how stories and characters can be built and developed.”
    Gad Campbell
    A Week Ago

Recruitment Policy

Each Filmworks project prescribes to a separate set of recruitment rules. To find out whether you are legible for any of our courses please first check out the projects section which gives information on all our current programmes and application details.

However if in doubt or you just want to call for further details please feel free on:

020 7575 3175