The URB_ART project is investigating how arts education in urban locations across Europe can socially include adults and young people living in marginalised communities, while delivering valuable skills training.

Supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, five non-governmental organisations from the United Kingdom, Iceland, Slovenia, Portugal, and Austria are carrying out the following activities:

  • A baseline survey into Urban Arts Education in marginalised and multilingual communities
  • Publishing a set of best practice written case studies from across Europe along with a series of video interviews and case study films
  • Developing a training course on Urban Arts Education
  • Creating a policy paper to provide operational and policy recommendations for Government and NGO decision-makers and policymakers

The team visiting urban arts education partners in Reykjavík, Iceland.

URB_ART Partners:

EDUCULT is an independent institute for research, consultancy, and management in the field of culture and education, based in Austria. Longstanding experience, scientific competence, and broad knowledge of methods used in social sciences guarantee a professional and efficient analysis of research. With the results, they strive for quality improvement in the area of culture and education.

Proportional Message supports people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the development of humanistic education values; representing a way of enhancing the integral development of the individual, both personally and collectively. They aim to contribute to the creation of educational environments, practices, and research where the social, emotional, and cognitive areas can be developed to fulfill human potential. Their target groups are marginalised communities, elderly people, adults, and families, as well as people with disabilities.

ZRC SAZU researchers conduct outstanding research that spans from linguistics to philosophy and archaeology to biology. Their findings are of tremendous importance for a better understanding of cultural, social, and natural phenomena in Slovenia and the world. Apart from publishing their results in academic publications, research groups also engage in data collection, documentation, and presentation to audiences beyond the academic sphere

FilmWorks Trust works with marginalised groups and minority ethnic individuals, creating dynamic community-based skills training programmes involving scriptwriting, digital video production, and broadcasting; teaching valuable skills while engaging young people in the arts and arts-based education.

Reykjavík Ensemble is a platform enabling artistic participation of professional artists of all languages and backgrounds, who are often marginalised in the cultural sector and hence absent from the current Icelandic theatre reality. Since the launch of the initiative, they have prepared multiple projects and presented three major theatre productions.